Going Green in Daily Living

There are so many ways that we can go green in our daily lives and help the environment.While some of us would love to handle the universe somehow good but at times it might be hard or costly. Stores have products that are said to be conservational. It seems as if going green is now a new marketing tactic.

Do not despair. Some of the effective techniques to be more conservational, do not need to buy anything new. Read this because I am about to share some of the best ways to live an eco-friendlier lifestyle.

Avoid excess

An excellent way to reduce ecological harm is to refuse. Do you prefer putting your produce in reusable synthetic bags rather than the plastic sacks? Do you take freebie items you will not use such as flyers, plastic cups, or pens? Begin by refusing to the things you will not use and avoid the need to recycle or reuse.

Bike, walk, carpool and make use of PSV

Picture of people and vehicles in the street

Reducing the use of your vehicle might save you some cash and assist to lower the environmental effects of vehicles such as greenhouse gas releases and fuel expenditure.

Devote to recyclable containers

This means avoiding packed water since you have your water readily available. Consider taking your food pot whenever you plan to have a takeaway or you believe you will have some leftover.

Minimize water usage

Water flowing picture


Consider having short showers, and get showerheads with low-flow. Try to use the energy-saver dishwasher as they use little water as compared to conventional dishwashing. Change the dishwashing routine to avoid the valve running for several minutes. Use the laundry when it is fully loaded. Use heated water only when needed and only clean dirty garments.

Minimize electricity usage

Are you aware that most electronics use energy even as they are not in use? This is phantom energy. Apart from wasting electricity, it contributes to ten percent of the power bills. Consider unplugging items such as microwaves, computers, and chargers when you are not using them. Obtain surge shields that switch off power when you are not using the items.

Dutifully reprocess electronic waste

Electronic waste picture

Electronic waste can have every type of pollutants such as mercury, lead, polyvinyl chloride, beryllium, and flame retardants. Reprocessing the e-waste via a proven reprocessor lets the item to be reduced into recyclable parts and have poisonous stuff properly handled.

Reduce meat consumptions

Meat can have a huge environmental effect. Some studies suggest that it has more effects on our carbon trail than vehicles. Only a few people want to be vegetarians. However, consider a  day without meat in a week.

Purchase used items

This will save you cash and extend the life of useful items that might be otherwise disposed of.


Have your backyard fertilizer or find out if the county or town had a manure program. Most of them are affordable and you can join free. This makes food ravage into usable energy.

Reorganize the mailbox

Request removal from trash mail folders and change the bank statements and bills to electronic. In case you love shopping online, consider making one purchase to reduce the boxes you get.

Going Tankless

I am excited to start saving energy, money, and water in my home by going tankless with my water heater. If you haven’t gone tankless, perhaps it is because you don’t know the benefits you will get. Apart from helping you to save money and cash, tankless water heaters are an excellent option to conventional heaters that depend on a storeroom reservoir. They occupy little space and save energy as well. If you are looking to get one from the market, here are a few reviews to help you get the best.


Tempra Plus from Stiebel Eltron

Tempra Plus from Stiebel Eltron

This tankless water heater comes from this famous Germany company. I know you would love to use a product one a leading company like this one. Well, this is your chance, get this tankless water heater from Stiebel Eltron. It features two full flow rate sets. If you choose the higher flow rate, just know it will consume much power than low flow option. You will love this heater because it features an in built-in tempra improved flow function. The feature enables this heater to maintain the temperature of water even when you lower the flow rate.

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The heater has a sleek design that fits anywhere. This saves you the headache of worrying where to place it. Additionally, it features a digital temperature screen that lets you see the level of your temperature and hence avoiding guesswork.


  • Occupies less space
  • The design is appealing and can fit anywhere
  • It can maintain the temperature even when you lower the flow rate
  • Saves energy
  • It operates quietly
  • You get constant hot water


  • I established that this device is short lived.
  • I also found out that it is expensive as compared to others.


EcoSmart’s ECO 27

EcoSmart’s ECO 27

This is another good tankless water warmer that you will enjoy having around the home if you want to have constant hot water. Just as the name suggests, this is a smart and stylish water heater. It comes with digital heat functions that let you adjust the warm water. The water heater features stainless and copper components that are meant to provide durability and efficient. They make replacement easy and quick. The compact design of this heater is perfect if you love something that is solid. This offers adequate storage area.


  • Unlike other tankless water warmers, this machine from EcoSmart takes little space
  • It offers accurate and adjustable temperature ensuring that you get exactly what you want.
  • It is small in size
  • It is durable
  • The components of this machine are easily replaceable


  • You have rising and falling of the temperature if your home needs go above the unit.


Takagi’s T-KJr2-IN-NG

Takagi’s T-KJr2-IN-NG

If you have never had a tankless water heater, you will love this device from Takagi. This tankless water features an exhaust and water temperature protection control. It also has an inner freeze shield mechanism. This ensures can regulate the temperature as you wish and avoid overheating. Another thing you will love about this device is that the AFR and thermistors maintain the steady temperature of the water. This is a good tankless water warmer for anyone who wants to save on energy. It features a remote control that lets you control the temperature from wherever you are. Therefore, you don’t have to go to the device to control the temperature.

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  • This device is easy to install and thus you will not have a hard time setting it up
  • It maintains the temperature
  • It offers constant hot water
  • It is durable
  • It has an appealing design
  • It saves energy


  • While the installation is easy, the costs might be high because it requires ventilation



Going tankless has many benefits than you can imagine. If you want to save on energy and cash, getting a tankless water heater may help a lot. However, before you start shopping for your preferred device, ensure you consider to get one that is durable and can offer you constant water. If you are a stylish person, purchasing a tankless water warmer that has an appealing design will make your home complete. Some tankless water warmers feature elements that you can easily replace. I hope you have made a decision and I am eager to see the one you will purchase.

Benefits of Going Tankless

There are several benefits of going green by changing out your home appliances and water heaters to energy efficient models. I am leading the way by going tankless, so I thought it would be fun to share with everyone the benefits that can be found by installing a tankless water heater in your home.

If you want to find a way to save money, you can consider going tankless.  Tankless water heaters give unsurpassed environmental and economic advantages to houses. Unlike other house electrical devices in the marketplace, this system concurrently lowers your home’s carbon trail, save you cash each month and offers support to the home value.

Protects the atmosphere

Smoke picture

The U.S is famous for carbon releases by the citizens.  Much of the emissions by the country come from firms, non-renewable and sustainable energy use, power firms.  Citizens cannot avoid the top two reasons. However, they can control the usage of resources. Most individuals are not aware that whatever they are doing is uneconomical since it has been the status quo for some time.

Water heaters for storage are hugely wasteful domestic device if it is about energy usage. They steadily utilize twice the power that a tankless water warmer would utilize since the equipment undergoes reserve loss of heat. This occurs as warm water is called on but not at all utilized. The system warms the water then it remains there, gradually rising lukewarm each hour. If the property owner requires water once more, the system utilizes even extra power to do it. Essentially, it is a replication the amount of energy a property owner is using.

Powered tankless water warmers prevent the extra use of energy in its trail by doing away with the tank. Thermic ocular feelers, that turn on as the water passes through, help in heating the water. This, in turn, warms up the much-needed water and prevents the inefficient procedure of reheating the water. Water is among the largest expenditure on a house’s service bill.

Filling the case

By avoiding storage water warmers for their tankless match, property owners are saving energy they do not misuse because of the standby loss of heat.

Powered tankless water warmers need somehow little maintenance as compared to water warmers. Storage water warmers have an anode bar that immerses in the corrosion rather than allowing it to get to the structure. They require changing frequently to avoid the reservoir from rotting. If there is no reservoir it means you don’t have to worry about corrosion. Powered tankless water warmers usually have a lifespan of 5-10 year more compared to other alternatives.

Bathroom fixture

The latest National Appliance Energy Conservation Act law will need accommodation water warmers to be constructed two inches wider and longer. This means that houses that have pre-fabricated bays for storing the container will be refurbished to enable the latest structure to fit. This is because the tankless water warmers are very small and they fit beneath the sink and in the cabinets. Thus, property owners barely have a problem getting a spot to place it. Lower annoying preservation calls and construction expenses by changing to powered water warmers.

Increase the value of your home

A survey done by realtor.com discovered that an unbelievable 85% of the respondents exist in an ecological home. Ecological homes not only lower carbon trail, but they also add to cheap service expenses. According to a report by Sopher Sparn Architects, green homes traded for 23% more on the Washington D.C marketplace as compared to non-ecological houses.

Sand Creek boardwalk

Sandpoint Urban Renewal Agency approved funding for the extension of the Sand Creek Boardwalk from its current terminus at Bridge Street, north to the Panida Theater. This project is under the direction of the City of Sandpoint, Parks & Recreation Department and funded through a variety of sources.

The project will be finished in Spring 2012, and began in the fall of 2011. The project has involved building 460 feet of concrete boat dock/boardwalk along the west bank of the creek, including light poles, benches and a 400-square-foot concrete landing at the north end where a ramp and stairway will connect it to First Ave. via Main Street (ramp and stairway are completed).

With the byway’s path on the east side of Sand Creek, the citizens and guests of Sandpoint will soon have an opportunity to walk on the west side from Sandpoint Marina to the Panida.

Read this Daily Bee story that includes information on the Boardwalk project:

  • New era of art begins with archway (June 26, 2011)
  • Grams of sugar per teaspoon


North Idaho Community College

North Idaho Community College – Sandpoint Campus

North Idaho College’s Sandpoint Campus at the Historic Sandpoint Events Center at Euclid and Pine



In 2012 Sandpoint Urban Renewal Agency played an important role in bringing North Idaho Community College to Sandpoint.  Previously located in Ponderay, the Sandpoint campus expanded and moved its location to the Sandpoint Events Center, a beautiful building which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, located at the corner of Pine and Euclid.  Sandpoint Urban Renewal Agency committed $40,000 per year for a period of four years to assist with the cost of rent for the property.

In early 2013, North Idaho College Foundation began a fundraising campaign to bring a wet science lab to the Sandpoint campus.  The establishment of a lab at the Sandpoint campus not only will allow residents to complete a lab science requirement in Sandpoint, but also was the final step which allows students to complete a two year degree without having to travel to Coeur d’Alene to take one or more classes.  The total cost of the lab is $100,000.  As of March 5th, the Foundation had raised just over $70,000 with efforts ongoing.  At its March 2013 meeting, Sandpoint Urban Renewal Agency agreed to fund any shortfall North Idaho College Foundation has to reach its goal by the end of April 2013.  This will enable North Idaho College to begin offering science courses at the Sandpoint campus beginning in fall of 2013.